Grant Writing and Prospect Research

Don has written and won hundreds of grants from government agencies, corporate foundations, community foundations, and private family foundations. While he has raised millions of dollars for his clients, he's rather proud of what the money is actually doing - helping people in need.

Campaign Case Statements
Passion + urgency + a little creativity are the hallmarks of a great case statement.  They are essential in today's competitive development marketplace.  We've written case statements for $1-million, one-year campaigns and multi-million dollar, multi-year campaigns.

Coaching and Mentoring

Strong, well-run nonprofits win grants. When you work with Don, you don't just get a writer - you get a coach who can advise you on budgeting, board development, and relationship-building.  

Development Planning
Raising money in a crowded nonprofit arena demands careful planning and new ideas. Don can guide the process.

Benbrook Associates

Writing and Value-added Services

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