"Capacity building" means looking closely at your business and asking difficult questions that lead to moving missions forward.  

Organizational Assessments and Interventions

Is your business in tip-top shape? Your board of directors is highly engaged, your staff exceeds expectations, the mission is clearly defined, and the community embraces and supports you. Right?

Maybe not. Transitions in leadership (volunteer and staff), management, and community expectations can interrupt even the "best" agencies. Based on 20+ years experience in this arena, Benbrook Associates was selected by the Capacity Building Institute in 2008 to conduct in-depth assessments of the organizational structure and performance of local grassroots agencies. 

Strategic Planning
"You can't manage what you don't measure." We'll lead your board and staff through a planning process focused on operations and programs, including board, fund, community, relationship, and program development. On-site or off-site, these planning sessions can make the difference between being strategic and mission-focused or floating like a rudderless raft in a turbulent river.
Benbrook Associates

Capacity Building and Strategic Planning

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